About Us


Since 1982

Hello, Im Daniel. After being a bricklayer laborer in 1979 for a union company (Cardinal Masonry) in Houston, I entered into their apprentice program in 1980. In 1981 I moved back to Irving and continued my apprenticeship until 1982. That is when Brick Repairs by Daniel McFarland was founded. After that, migrating to N. Dallas, Plano and finally to Wylie.


The Son

In the beginning, the wife (Joy), and I drove neighborhoods from 8 am to evenings looking for work. We learned not to knock on doors before 8 am. :) In 1984 Eric was born. After a few short months, Joy, Eric and myself would load the baby crib in the back of the truck and head out looking for and doing repairs in the N. Dallas area. Eric grew up learning the trade and is now 33 yrs old. We still work for customers today that remember Eric in  the crib in their front yard. ( Alot of times they would invite Joy and Eric inside while I did the repairs. Now he has  an  9 yr old son, Devin,  that is also learning the trade.


The Company

We do all  kinds of brick and stone work.  We specialize in mortar crack repairs and matching the mortar color. We do mailboxes, columns, planter boxes, wing walls, archways, etc. We troubleshoot  and are able to do a lot of repairs that others would not attempt to do and would quote a more expensive  price for a full rebuild. We are fully insured and have references upon request. We accept cash,check, or credit card (fee applys). The quality of our work guarantees  your satisfaction.